TrollCoinBot - Global Commands

Broadcaster Commands

!trollcoinbot leave

Makes trollcoinbot leave your channel

!queue clear

Clears the gotnext queue

!queue next

Advances the gotnext queue and displays the next user

Moderator Commands


Adds a custom command to the channel

Usage: !addcom !command response text

Ex: !addcom !hello Hi there! Welcome to my channel.


Deletes a custom command from the channel

Usage: !delcom !command

Ex: !delcom !hello


Updates a custom command for the channel

Usage: !editcom !command new reponse text

Ex: !editcom !hello This is a different response!

!bets open | !bets unlock

Opens user betting

!bets close | !bets lock

Closes user betting

User Commands


Displays a small about message


Adds TrollCoinBot to YOUR channel. Only usable in the official TrollCoinBot Twitch Channel

!shower | !goldenshower | !makeitrain

Distributes a specified amount of $TROLL evenly to users in chat

Usage: !shower amount

Ex: !shower 500


Displays the number of nodes connected to the TrollCoin network

!pc | !price | !pricecheck

Price checks TrollCoin/USD ticker

Usage: !pc 500 type

Ex: !pc 1000 troll

Ex: !pc 5 usd


Used to "attack" a user's balance - this has a chance to fail and backfire on you!

Usage: !troll @user

Ex: !troll @arkadeum


Displays the currently played song on Spotify if the broadcaster has linked their Spotify account

!commands | !help

Displays a link to this page as well as the channel's commands page

!bet {ticket}

Used to place a bet on a ticket

Ex: !bet red

!bet remove | !bet cancel

Used to cancel your bet - only usable when bets have not been locked

!gotnext | !joinqueue

Used to join the gotnext queue

!queue list

Displays the next few users in the gotnext queue


Used to leave the gotnext queue

!balance | !trolls

Displays your current balance

!address | !deposit

Displays your deposit address


Used to withdraw your $TROLL to an external wallet

Usage: !withdraw {address} {amount}

Ex: !withdraw address 6969

!tip | !toss | !throw | !give

Used to tip a user

Usage: !tip {user} {amount}

Ex: !tip @arkadeum 5